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Is It More Expensive To Run A Gas Fireplace?

If you’re looking to get a fireplace for your home, there are multiple options available to you. You can choose everything from a traditional wood-burning fireplace to something that runs entirely on electricity or even gas. But each of these can end up costing different amounts.

When your main concern for the winter months is saving money on energy costs, then you need to save money where it counts. This means finding the right balance between efficiency and value for money. It’s not uncommon for someone buying a gas fireplace to wonder if it will cost them more than other fireplaces. We’ll be delving into that question below.


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Expenses of Running a Gas Fireplace

With fireplaces, you’re not just taking into account the construction and upfront costs but also how much it takes to keep the fireplace running. You’ll find that many fireplaces are cheaper to buy initially but will end up costing you more in maintenance and running costs. These costs can add up over time, and you could end up paying a lot more than you initially intended.

A prime example of this is the traditional wood-burning fireplace. While this kind of fireplace can look and feel authentic, it’s anything but cheap. You not only have to put up with constant maintenance but also annual costs of around $200 even in the low end.

Gas fireplaces tend to cost close to $60 to run annually. While it isn’t the cheapest running costs that a fireplace can have, it’s also not the most expensive. Electric fireplaces can have annual costs as low as $25. On first instinct, you might think that makes it the cheapest, but you also have to factor in the fact that these fireplaces require a lot of maintenance.

Where the gas fireplace shines is its minimal need for regular maintenance. This can cut down your costs significantly. And it does not make gas fireplaces the most expensive type of fireplace to run. You can do a lot worse with other options like wood fireplaces that will burn through your budget.