pexels-photo-90333Hello, and welcome to my blog The Reason.

My name is Fred Beecham and I use the web to help companies grow their businesses.  Since 1999 I have worked with various companies to develop innovative internet marketing and e-commerce solutions for a wide variety of industries.  I have worked with both Fortune 500 companies creating their online marketing presence and I have also worked with small Mom and Pop retailers launching their products online for the first time.  I help companies put together a content marketing strategy in conjunction with web analytics and social media and search engine marketing to reach financial goals.

I want to work with entrepreneurs, trend setters and people who want to change the world.  I crave the excitement and stress of getting a new business off the ground, everything from securing start up capital right through to setting up distribution channels.  I love problem solvers and people who thing outside the box (although I loathe that expression) to get things done.  These are the people and situations I choose to write about on this blog, and to inspire the next generation of entrepreneur.